Eco Label

Eco Label

At the time when we decide to expand our establishment, it was obvious for us that it was necessary to build ecologically in order to preserve nature.

Our new building with 6 bedrooms and breakfast room is built with a wood frame with:

  • Maximum Insulation
  • Double glazed windows with control of energy loss
  • When door locks at the same time the lights and the electrical appliance turn off
  • Spring Water
  • Pellet heating
  • Solar panels
  • Biological septic tank
  • Retaining tank of rainwater
  • New indigenous plantations
  • We encourage the fresh and regional products as well as fair-trade products: Homemade Jams, Organic Honey Organic Cereals
  • Seasonal vegetables and fruits
  • Luxembourgish Meat partially bio
  • “Green” Soaps and cleaning products
  • Recyclable Paper
  • Energy-saving lamps
  • and we sort our wastes

And, of course, we encourage journeys by bike, bus and train.

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Additional information about the EcoLabel